Yellowstone – Summer Versus Winter

Yellowstone is magical and the more I go the more I love this amazing national park.

I had only been there in the spring & summer until February 2021 when we went in the dead of winter… I honestly wasn’t looking forward to this trip considering the temperatures are INSANELY FRIGID however I loved it so much and for different reasons than why I love it in summer…


Winter is FAR less crowded so you have the park to yourself!

WINTER WILDLIFE & SCENERY was magical to me… Swans, buffalo, coyotes, the stunning colors of the geysers, snow falling, etc. in this beautiful winter wonderland.

HOW TO ACCESS THE PARK: You can only access the park in winter by snowcoach, snowmobile, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, you can not drive your personal vehicle in from approximately November – May. We booked a snowcoach tour with Yellowstone Vacation Tours, why because there are not enough layers and hand warmers in the world to keep me from freezing for that many hours out in the elements.

WHAT IS A SNOWCOACH?… Basically a big yellow shuttle on giant wheels so it can drive through the snow.

WHAT TO WEAR: All the snow clothes in your closet! I was fully dressed in my ski gear and still got cold while out exploring, especially when the wind was blowing like crazy but once I was back inside the warm snowcoach I could take off layers if needed. You are only outside for short periods of time so it’s manageable.


The park is CRAZY BUSY and you often get stuck in traffic, especially if you have to wait for buffalo to cross the road and have a line of cars in front of you.

WILDLIFE: You might get lucky and see a bear like I did!

GETTING AROUND:  You are able to drive your own vehicle in which means windows down and making stops when and where you want.

SUMMER EXPLORING: The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is so beautiful and an easy hike for families. This photo was taken from the viewing area:

Old faithful is packed with tourists however with warmer temps you can sit for longer to enjoy the Geyser plus get ice cream inside the Old Faithful Lodge. For me I only need to see Old Faithful erupt once and then I’m ready to go.

WHAT TO WEAR: street clothes, athleisure, workout clothes – whatever you fancy but definitely wear sneakers for exploring and bring a jacket for mornings and evenings or if the weather changes.


xoxo ~ Jenny, Classy Sassy Travel

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